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Bound4 Series

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2021

Sometimes we travel the path toward the destiny that’s been laid out for us. Sometimes we use free-will and take the other fork in the road. I’m known for changing my mind and changing direction. It’s almost as if I feel that impulsive decisions will change the outcome of a destiny that the universe has been steering me toward in many lives. This time, I’m making the decisions that are right for me. I’m taking the journey to my happily ever after. I only hope that she’ll give me a chance.

Need a refresher?
LoveOutOfBounds-mock up 3d book and kind

Nate Ross was everything my over protective Irish brother warned me about. He was older, impulsive and a player. He was always on the road with the band and would eventually leave me broken-hearted. In my brothers own words, Nate wasn’t good enough for me. Now I have to lie to my family about falling in love with him.

Love out of Bounds

Release Date TBD

Love in the Hills of the Headwaters

Book covers, Blurbs and Release dates TBA

Tentative Title - W I P

Beyond the Flames


Tentative Title - W I P

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